My thoughts on EuroSTAR 2013 – Prequal

I was lucky enough to go to another fantastic EuroSTAR conference, this time not as a speaker but as the Community Press Pass winner twice over. The EuroSTAR team put the word out that they where looking for a tester that could give an in depth view of the tutorials and tracks but also the social aspects. One for blogging, one for photography and one for video camera work. I tried my luck on blogging and was selected to fulfil that role. The organisation also asked me to pick up the video camera work and I naturally agreed to do so.

I write this post after the fact, sitting on Gothenburg airport waiting for my flight back to Amsterdam. You have probably seen my conference experiences on a day to day basis on the EuroSTAR blog during the conference but I will go into the tutorials and tracks a bit deeper in the coming posts. I will also try to capture the value of a conference visit so that many more people will go to these great events to learn and share experiences with fellow testers.

I will only cover a few of the tracks I had to miss but will give you a good review of the ones I did attend. A shame I couldn’t split in four to attend all those great tracks. Choosing was hard this year! I will add links to each subject every time a post a new blog for easy reference.

Sunday, 3th November

  • Pre-EuroSTAR meetup

Monday, 4th November

  • TC – How to Create A Test Strategy

Tuesday, 5th November

  • TF – Thinking Outside The Locks
  • Opening Remarks
  • K1- Skeptical Self-Defence For The Serious Tester Or, How to Call a $37 Billion Bluff
  • Afternoon Break & Networking
  • T2 – How to Hire a True Tester
  • T6 – No Test Manager, Does it Work?
  • K2 – Testing Machines As Social Prostheses
  • Welcome Drinks Reception in the Expo
  • ‘Taste of Gothenburg’ Community Dinner

Wednesday, 6th November

  • K3 – Creating Dissonance: Overcoming Organizational Bias Toward Software Testing
  • W1 – Test Strategies are 90% Waste
  • ?
  • W9 – The Awful Truth About Estimation
  • W13 – Will The Test Leaders Please Stand Up?
  • W19 – Mixing Waterfall, Agile and Outsourcing at Dutch Rail
  • W22 – Moving To Weekly Releases
  • K4 – Every Think is Possible

Thursday, 7th November

  • K5 – “Get In There And Argue!” – A Questioning Tester’s Personal Journey
  • Th3 – Improve The Process By Taking Control
  • Morning Break & Networking
  • Th5 – “You Got 200 hours”… Really?
  • K6 – Questioning The Evolution Of Testing: What’s Next?
  • Test Lab Report
  • DO – Fooled By Unknown Unknowns
  • “Gift of Feedback Session”

Friday, 8th to Sunday 11th November

  • Weekend in Gothenburg

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