… for Scrummies – The Premiere (wk 0)

for DumiesWelkom in the new year! I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season. I enjoyed the little break from work but I couldn’t sit still so I started blogging! I have put myself to the task of writing and publishing a little blog every week and this one will be the teaser for this “… for Scrummies” series.

This series will be about my thoughts on doing anything whatsoever in the Scrum scene. I will be going into specifics like Test Management, Automation, Coaching, Compliance, Project Management, Leadership, Traceability, Requirement Management, TMap Next, TestFrame, Risk and so on.

But why a series for Scrummies? Simply because I have seen that most ideas, theories and methods are indeed universal in the abstract but not in the detail. All those nice books help you understand the concepts but just don’t give you those real life tips to use it from the starting line. A lot of people do use all these concepts in Scrum environments and I invite them to react and keep the discussion going to help others be successful as well. Any new insights will merit a extra post naturally.

So if you have you struggled with these subject, stay tuned! So with this I want to ask you all to send me the subjects you would like to hear more about and I will do my best to get back to you with a great blog about it. And I mustn’t forget to thank @TestBert (Bert Veldman) for giving me the line “Scrummies” in a tweet of him. Thanks for letting me coin it!

Tune in next week for: Risk for Scrummies

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